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Sunra - I Hate Myself Sunra - I Hate Myself

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You know, sometimes I find myself in your music more often than Im aware of. The count, the rhythm; every single instrument creates its own voice. Every loop sounds familiar, but its always different, like if your 10-15 second beats speak languages on top of languages.

Take a step back. Your music is speaking in tongues.

Sometimes I look back and think about everything you know? The painter, the writer, the bookie, the deadweight, the perfectionist, the conductor. All of us have this resonating pulse with each other. What of it now.
Why cant we be a whole body again. Just a few people getting together after class an literally not giving two shits about that one guy who thinks yugioh gives reason for abuse. every. fucking time.

I listen to this music in an agony. I feel the emotion of the instruments, the wailing of its maker

I sit here to cry softly to myself as I feel a longing to the past, but not just my own.
You are a human being that has lost so many other human beings.

All of these patterns, whether made years or days ago, or even those being made, remind me not only of you, but those who once surrounded you in a veil of love; those who have been loved.

Every single time this replays, it bleeds a new blood.

Why does emotion have to be so simple, yet complex.

Is this a poem or a literal brain-splatter of thought?
When was music ever just music.

Maybe some day, the painter, writer, bookie, deadweight, perfectionist, and conductor will bind again to translate the many languages of thought that these notes provoke.
I love you, as I love all of you.

Sunra - TC + U Sunra - TC + U

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well the bass and such was really nice, but im not so sure about the piano. it sounds "too fake"
not really sure how to describe it. good job though ^^
i think finding a different piano would be great though ;) or even replacing it with something else like a mexi-tuned acoustic guitar

Sunraw responds:


Sunra - Through The Smoke Sunra - Through The Smoke

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Quite a tense beat, Those vocals in the background make the beat alive and well preserved in memory. i want to see some vocals attached.

Sunraw responds:

Thanks homie.